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J.C. Financial Services has had locations in Ontario for over 10 years. We can help small and medium sized businesses obtain commercial financing through a wide range of funding sources.

  1. We offer personal service and convenience. We increase a business owner's opportunities by introducing them to non-bank financial services that can advance more funds, under better terms than banks. Many of the financial products that we offer are not even available at a bank.
  2. We Can Finance Many Companies Denied by Canadian Banks. In many instances, we can successfully deal with a wider range of credit quality, than can Canadian banks. Since the bank is lending depositors' dollars, it is inappropriate for it to take on risks that many non-banking financing sources do.
  3. We can extend more dollars with more favorable terms. In many cases the financing we offer will make more dollars available to the business, with fewer restrictions on the business owner. This will enable the business to grow faster with our financing than with a bank, making our client far more profitable.
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