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Asset based loans A loan secured by the assets of a company. This type of financing is flexible and can be done as a line of credit against accounts receivable, or a term loan.

Accounts receivable financing This is a credit line using a company's commercial accounts receivable as collateral. Traditional banks offer this type of financing but typically require more collateral than non-bank lenders.

Equipment leases Our non-bank equipment lease companies will enable our clients to access state-of-the-art equipment without providing the large down payments typically required by bank loans.

Factoring Rather than lending on a company's accounts receivable, a factoring company will purchase the receivables. A factoring facility is easier for a company to get than a bank credit line.

Purchase order loans Some businesses have more orders than they can afford to fill. For those situations a purchase order finance company can advance the cash necessary to fulfill the purchase order, and a factoring company will collect the payment.

Long term loans This is a single loan made to a company, which is paid back over a term typically from one to five years. This loan can be used for a variety of purposes, but its function is to finance the growth of the business.

Non-bank financing We are able to replace bank financing with a selection of non-bank products, enabling companies to perform and grow as never before.

Cross border financing As a business finance consultant, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom are all part of our market. We operate an international company and can fund business loans across the United States and the U.K. as easily as across Canada.

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